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"New Day New Life" or NDNL is the project that was founded in 2010. Inspired by the trance music of the late 2000s, it begins with progressive and uplifting trance, soon expanding the horizon to ambient, techno, and other genres of electronic music.

In 2015, the debut EP "New day new life" was released on the Italian label “Eye Lounge”. It was followed by the release of singles on the British label “Sorcery Records”, Dutch “Armada Music”, Canadian “Black Sunset Music”, Ukrainian “Big Toys Production” and others. NDNL’s tracks have been supported in famous dance radio shows such as “Wake Your Mind Radio” (by Cosmic Gate), “The Sound of Holland” (by Ruben De Ronde), “Music Podcast” (by Jaytech), “Music for Balearic People” (by Roger Shah), “Silk Music Showcase” (by Tom Fall) and others. NDNL's ambient music has been included in the KaRavan compilation (by Pierre Ravan) and licensed by Fly Emirates for listening onboard their aircraft.

At the beginning of 2019, the debut album "Your Own Borders" was released on the “Black Sunset Music” label. It represents the results of the analysis of own capabilities embodied in music. As well as thoughts and questions directed to eternity. This work is the first part of the NDNL’s trilogy about life and infinity. The second part - "Cosmologic" is released on 2021.

If you would like to learn more about the creative path of NDNL, from the very first step to the singles and album releases described above, a detailed NDNL biography has been prepared for you.
It is available here

bio | press kit

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