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Cosmologic (Album Cover Art) by @kolonngaare

This is a story about a possible way of life for the universe, which can be projected onto everything that evolves. It can be both private life and social spheres, culture, art or anything else. Using the example of the human soul, as a concept outside of time, the album describes the path being made from the point of peak evolve of its life. 

Each of the tracks in the album expresses the transitional points on the path. Passing through them, the soul is steadily approaching the moment of its completion in "Collapse".

live visuals

The idea behind Cosmologic is to describe a universal path of the evolving and life. This is done using the example of the soul as a universal concept which can reveal both the micro path of the individual and the macro progress of civilization. The soul goes the way started in the previous album - Your Own Borders. The soul breaks out of the boundaries of its comfortable perception of the world to new discoveries.

The first track, Limbo, describes the place and state into which the soul (or art, civilization, science, anything else) falls at the moment of completion it anticipates. The peak of the evolving of its life was barely passed when a change of state came and the feeling of a significant shift does not let go. Everything changed with no way to go back. But there is also no understanding of what lies ahead. All that remains is to stand still and watch. No matter how long it takes.

Having switched to the observer mode, this soul falls into a stream that carries it deeper and deeper. At the moment, this is the starting point of movement into the void. The next track Flow tells about it.

Once in the stream, the soul is carried away in a direction unknown to it, all control over what is happening is lost and everything seems to be transferred to the hands of higher powers. This stream takes to the deepest and darkest points of the universe, where there comes a moment of complete silence and peace. This is Silentium. Silence and a moment of calm and inspiration. There are no more external stimuli, they all remained in another world for millions of light years.

But very soon the understanding comes that the point of harmony was only an internal state. Outwardly, the path continues. The soul feels a significant acceleration of its flight. This unprecedented and inconceivable speed leads to the idea that it has fallen into infinite space. Otherwise, being in such a strong and impetuous stream, it would be possible to determine some phases, points of the beginning, middle or end. Fit the visible picture into human limited perception. Is it infinity? This is Endless.

The previous thoughts and the ever increasing speed of the flow lead to the conclusion that on the scale of space, whatever the speed of this soul, it will remain motionless. This is so only in infinite space, but what is being described has an end. And this is not the end of space itself as such. The Space will still be reborn and will grow and develop again, but without us. The feeling of peace in a stream of great speed, carrying into emptiness, is described in the next track of the album - Stillness.

And now the crept in thoughts that this is not infinity, the resource has a limitation and the denouement must come, begin to be confirmed. These are small sparks that turn into more and more flames. The stream carries directly into it and there is nothing left but to collect all the forces and enter it. Flame as a symbol of the beginning of the inevitable end.

This thought has already been accepted by the soul, it can only look back. Passing through the flame, the view of the end unfolds before it. This is the Edge. The soul has long been uncontrollable and floats in the general stream. The passed stages gave ground for thinking and reflection, but even making an endless amount of effort, it is no longer possible to turn off the path. It only remains to pass it and look beyond the horizon.

Beyond the horizon is that seemingly unattainable end point. The point of Collapse. All space and the general flow are compressed into one, absolutely everything is distorted and ground. Such an end is inevitable for this soul. A second before its completion, the soul left its thought and its hope that this collapse should be followed by an even more beautiful Big Bang and more and more new and perfect live and evolution. Sometime later, and maybe in some magical way, this soul will still be able to be there already in a reborn form.

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